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Networking West

Our Experience

The Management at Networking West comes from a defence background having extensive rich experience in networking, cyber security, and applied technology. The team carries with them a vast knowledge and has a true passion for the industry and technology.

Networking West


Networking West was established with the sole aim of providing the highest standards of automation, network installation, and cyber security solutions. We demonstrate our expertise through our innovative approach to creating and delivering the right solution.

Networking West

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality network, media, and cyber security services to our customers through competence and loyalty.We lay emphasis on building long term relationships with our customers by meeting their demands with optimized utilization of resources.

Let's Know Why Choose Us

We employ a pool of experienced and certified engineers. We have invested and continue to invest significant resources in staying abreast of the latest technologies
Registered and Legal

Do not make the mistake of using a self taught friend. Our staff are qualified and have experience with complying with BC's Networking and Privacy Legislation, as well as International Cyber Security Best Practice.

Experience and Qualification

Our staff have training from Vendors, Provincial Government, RCMP, National Defence, and Certifying bodies such as ISC2, PMI, CompTIA, Microsoft, and CISCO to name a few.

Techonogical Security Supply

Installation results in cable trunking throughout a home or location to a single communications cabinet anywhere in your home or office. Here we install the core of the network components for secure, centralised, reliable connectivity.

Documents and System Security

Malicious attacks are flagged as the primary causes of data breaches in North America. Ever had a network or service outage halt your productivity and profitability? We know what fear and frustration it brings. It is our mandate to make your IT systems as secure, reliable and efficient as possible.

Woman at home using smart home app on her cell phone -“ technology concepts. Design on screen was made from scratch by us
Personal Secure Solutions

We put our customers’ privacy on top of everything. Networking West ensures that the complete confidentiality and security of your data is being observed at all times by our qualified and dedicated professionals.

Emergency Support

Experts will help you recover invaluable data from your hard drive and any other storage media that have been damaged, dropped or corrupted by a system crash or network infiltration.

Honest and Experienced Agents

We employ staff that come from the law enforcement, Defence, and Security industries. The advice and services you receive are from discrete and trustworthy staff that in many cases, Secret and Top Secret Security Clearances.

24/7 Days Customer Support

We have over two decades of experience in supporting server infrastructure, disaster recovery, automation & business continuity, WiFi deployments, computer repairs and solution design. For your data, network, and media needs, we are at your service 7 days a week and even on holidays.

1120 Installations Completed
4 Qualified Staff
3100 Feet of Wire Ran
1200 Satisfied Clients

With a military background, our management stand by our recommendations, installation, and service quality.

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As an experienced and trusted independent adviser, Networking West can provide the most appropriate guidance and recommendations to optimize your system operations, complex network architecture, install home or business media system, or remediate your computer virus or malware.



No matter if you are a professional in Cybersecurity, network design, computer forensics, network installation, or home media, we are always looking to team up with talented experts. If you are interested in joining a fun, energetic, and collaborative partnership, contact us today!

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Whether your requirements be home networking, new home wiring, firewall, wireless setup or computer virus cleanup; Networking West is your solution. If your business requires a cybersecurity, email hosting, server management, router configuration, wireless setup, network cabling or workstation maintenance, Networking West is your solution.

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