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Our Engineers are specifically product and system trained for Installations, Service and Maintenance. We also offer technical support for our Security systems

The Development of the business is enhanced by our commitment to exploring new ways to deliver an efficient security services. We particularly focus on project management and have the experience to interface with all other parties involved including end users.

Networking West offer a full range of Security Services and Systems as an integrator, including Smart Home, Cyber Security, Networking, Access Control, IP CCTV, CCTV, Intruder Alarm Systems and gates/Barrier Systems. As an integrator we have the ability to integrate each system into one seamless centralised Security System Solution or Smart Home System.

Security Mission Objectives

To prevent violent crimes or security breaches from occurring in public, private and government workplaces. Promote a safe corporate attitude that enables the growth and development of our team members. Provide strategic and tactical advantages for our clients with products and processes; tested, proven and credentialed to keep safe and protect their employees and those they serve.


Maintain 100% accountability to do what we say and when. Accept accountability to maintain open and direct communication channels internally and with our clients. Ensure that all actionable information is known throughout our organization. Be personally responsible for maintaining the cohesive effort required to complete our mission.

Strategic Planning

No matter how small or how large the organization, Networking West has consultants on staff that can assist you with your Corporate Technology Strategy. We have expertise in physical security controls, access control, cyber security, and IM/IT Infrastructure emergency planning.

Investing strategically in new technologies will continue to be the centre of attention in the near future. In the “Age of the Customer”, organizations are under pressure to change the digital experience not only for their customers but also for their employees or other entities with whom they interact. That is who we are, and what we stand for.

Even employees who feel they are ‘experienced’ within your field can’t be expected to know the finer points of expertly installed systems and services. This is where a quality training and development program comes in – we seek out training sessions for our staff that really help our staff members get to know the optimum way technology works, is installed, and risk mitigated.

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